Consultation is a tool that is influential in involving others in participating in the affairs that involves their lives and that of their families. Consultation is a means of involving other people who had no opportunities in the past to get involved in providing advises to each other on issues that matters most in the community they live.

We will appreciate the understanding of the people of the Caprivi to open up their hearts to accept our interaction and consultation to participate in sharing ideas particularly on issues that are of concern to all Caprivians. We should all understand the direction we have taken and the reasons that made us to take such a stand. We know and understand that to other follow Caprivians in exile and at home, this my sound controversial but this arrests time which is due and of essence. This is focused to despising those who are bitten up by time.  Our understanding is that, without consultation, plans are frustrated, but gathering idea for the purpose of making decision is the ultimate direction because we are your business.  

All consultations should be planned to include all people or representative of the people. This means that the majority of people will be able to participate and be consulted at all levels. In our case, people will often be allowed to bring a consultation process with a range of diverse understanding of the issue we wish to deal with.

Many issues may not be relevant but of cause, interesting to our community. The degree to which the CCC target issues depends on the issue itself, and how much it impacts on people politically or socially. We make our consultation about an issue, programs and consultation about a change to a program that involves the whole community. However, in our consultations we target specific people for information for the benefit of all.

In our consultation with all Caprivians, the CCC will save as a peak body that will coordinate information and convey the message to the people for longer term and ongoing interactions. The development and evaluation of policies and programs will be often accompanied by large-scale formal consultations that take the form of written submissions and a series of public meetings. However, consultation may also occur on a long-term basis through reference groups and steering committees or through the development of informal relations with relevant members of the community.

As a procedure, informal meetings are conducted before undertaking formal consultations, to establish the best methods for obtaining views from our sources. All forms of interaction, communication and consultation will be used to obtain advises about appropriate consultation method (s) and access requirements and ways to improve communication with all concerned people . The CCC also consider public meetings in consultations to advice our cause and interact with the public. We will also consider many effective and efficient ways of collecting community views. We trust that people will understand us as such.

We know you are there to be consulted