The CCC understand politics in the Caprivi as the source of aspirations where individuals and groups can organise themselves to open up opportunities to participate and get involved to influence the directions of the policies of the organisation and or the government with one voice. We have our own political elites in the Caprivi Strip. The current world setting, politics is the key and a vehicle to deliver political objective and a get way to the world.

In our political situation today, we believe and understand that there's a solution to every problem. The CCC believe that there is no need for postponing issues that should be dealt with today,  because tomorrow comes with other things as it usually happens. We are exhausted with the politics of goal post shifting to avoid game rules to apply.

Politicians always campaign by saying that one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you can end up being governed by your inferior if not your adversary. This is our political situation in the Caprivi Strip. The political situation in the Caprivi is far from being healthy and people are unable to learn from their past experience.

Though the CCC is not a political party, we vision the future as bright through the formation of a political party that unite all the people of the Caprivi without any discrimination but embracing unity. In the CCC, we understand the dilemma of politics as victims, but we also understand that to remain aloof, neutral or refrain from politics is the hottest place to be and brings misfortune in any environment. However, in politics nothing perhaps happens by accident, therefore, we encourage all Caprivians to participate in this opened opportunity that comes through consultations. We know that the Namibian government will never, off cause, never and never will at any time act diligently over the Caprivi Strip self-determination claim. We know that Namibia is playing politics of bullying and aggression. We have no doubt that if the Namibian government cannot understand that what they are doing to Caprivians is sin and dirty politics, God will one day account them to understand their disgraceful and political ignorance.