Means to solve political impasse

We feel that it is an amicable way of solving a problem like this which is also recognised by the international community. We are convinced that we deserve to be respected as a people as a result the decision is solely ours as Caprivians to decide or determine our own political and social destiny.

In many civilised communities, a referendum is well recognised tool to resolve political dispute like the Caprivi case. We will not be drugged to use an illegal means in our efforts to liberate ourselves. Despite all these, we say no black colonisation and we will continue to advocate for Caprivi independence for as long as it takes because we care for our country and its people. We understand our situation better than those who claim to be sale outs. Through means of a referendum, we need a clear answer to a question the government say many Caprivians oppose an issue of an independent Caprivi. We want to test the reality of life in terms of asking the Caprivians their views.

We reckon, it is clear to say Namibia have no authoritative mandate over Caprivi Strip since its mandate is tantamount to self-imposition and questionable. There are so many countries in the world that have used a referendum to determine their own political destiny. Our aim is self-determination leading to total independence. We believe freedom and independence is a human right which cannot be denied. We know how greedy Namibia is when it come to the Caprivi Strip issue. 

The essence of colonial independence or justice of escaping foreign rule may be in the establishment of the legitimacy to rule. In order to resolve political conflicts with states that were annexed, referendum is mostly used as a legitimate legal means. UN organised referendum is the only solution to the Caprivi Strip case. The Namibian government should be ashamed of themselves who are so barbaric to deny people a fair dinkum and justice.