Territorial Integrity

According to international law any country that makes imposition by force of a border change commits an act of aggression. The Caprivi Consultative Committee believe that Caprivi has its own geographic territorial sovereign borders that is known and respected internationally. We value the relationship between self-determination and the territorial integrity of our territory. We seek to protect the territorial integrity of our territory from acts of aggression from Namibia.

The question is who determines who we are? We are a civilised society who knows where we come from, who we are, and we know our territory so well because its’ part of our origin and we live in it. We are an authentic custodian of this territory we know once there is an intruder on the boundaries of our state. We all know that we are threatened by the use of force against us to change our territorial sovereignty. There is no doubt, that this is inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations Conversion  and Charters.

Our sovereignty and territorial integrity has been breached and dealt with harshly by force limiting us as the highest social realisation to remain burgers in the 21st century. Indeed, over the past few years, more people have found themselves living in a re-organised territory.

We are evaded by Namibia as a territory to our understanding but we are being masked to remain silent as the world observe. Respect for territorial integrity is a principle under international law that nation-states should not attempt to promote secessionist movements or to promote border changes in other nation-states, nor impose a border change through the use of force. Namibia should know that we know this and we will not let this go flatly.

Unfortunately, these principles are often invoked simultaneously, allowing states to disregard one in the name of the other. As a result, border disputes, interference, and even invasions and annexation of the Caprivi is a disgrace for both Caprivians and Namibia. We know the consequences of annexation in places such as Kosovo, Nagorno-Karabakh for Namibians to learn.

The principles of territorial integrity and self-determination are two important principles which apply to international law and politics. The territorial integrity protects the borders of states from external aggression acts by other states, and in doing so; the people within such territories are protected.

We are opposite to whatever unilateral territorial alterations and changes and we shall never recognise such changes done to the borders and territorial sovereign of the Eastern Caprivi Zipfel (Caprivi Strip) as Caprivians. We call upon all Caprivians to step in to protect their territory from invasion, annexation and any other changes. As Caprivians, If we fail to do it today, we will never manage it tomorrow. This is a calculated move by Namibia to weaken us, bury our claims and oppress us better in disunity.  It is therefore, incumbent upon all Caprivians in the Caprivi particularly those in influential positions to realise the damage of disunity that is politically crippling us in our endeavors to self-determination.