We are an independent consultative committee, which is founded on the principle of fairness, honesty, unity, social justice and inclusion. The CCC is a committee with its own aims and objectives. The committee was recently founded for purpose of consultations with all Caprivians for the common good of unity and working together.

We are a committee that is founded on the principle of fairness, honesty, unity, social, inclusion, justice, and equal treatment and opportunities for all. More critical to the reasons for the formation of the committee is the concern, displeasure, the anguish of the citizens, and more stressful ongoing disunity and exclusion of other people in participating in the struggle for their motherland. The CCC acknowledge the concerns of Caprivians who are desperately waiting for the independence after long years of waiting for independence. It takes time and require collaboratively working together in unity.

We believe that all Caprivians belongs to one family and have been living together since time immemorial. We endeavour and strive to revive the spirit of Ubuntu to understand each other. We consult and inform the people of the Caprivi about the need for unity among Caprivians because we believe that UNITY is key to every opportunities that Caprivians can wish for themselves. The committee intend to consult with all Caprivians, in the restoration of the Caprivi Strip sovereignty. The CCC believe in a neutral committee bringing all people of the Caprivi Strip together across all levels of the society to influence participation. The CCC aspire to become a well organised committee, value everyone’s contribution, with the belief that people are the greatest assets of the committee, and that the committee belongs to its members, making social reforms, create positive relationship, sense of togetherness and make CCC a home for all Caprivians.

We all believe in a united free Caprivi, and value ourselves, our country, other organisations for the purpose of unity that brings us in harmony that we all need. The committee endeavours to embrace change that is community driven and seek to establish a firm foundation and vibrant platform for contributions.  We are inspired by the theory of consultation with all Caprivians for Self-determination. As a committee, we have a torch in our hands that we wish to handover to the people who would want to use it for political purposes. We cannot afford to compromise this because “the future is in your hands”.