The CCC believe that engagement is important in the process of consultation. As a committee therefore, we engage with all members of the committee and all Caprivians from all walks of life both horizontally and vertically.

We also engage with Individuals, Governments, National and International Organisations and Human Rights Organisations in our quest for consultation. The Caprivi Consultative Committee encourage all Caprivians to participate and get involved on all level of political participation and civic engagement on issues affecting their human and social lives. The CCC has a tight social networks formed through this intensive committee activities intended to intensify political pressure and mobilisation. We hold strong view that it is imperative for all Caprivians to come together in unity to share information about the future of their new generation with one voice. We acknowledge that there is a need for engagement to find a way to make us understand that, we will always never prosper in isolation or division.

It is from this background that the committee wish to consult and engage with all Caprivians from all corners of the Caprivi to realise that division is another way of giving our selves more into the hands of our enemies. The committee holds strong believe in community participation in the affairs that affect their society. We value your participation as members of the society and believe that your participation and change will change members of your family and later the entire Caprivi. In our engagement policy we believe social engagement involves everyone’s participation in collective activities, which reinforces social participation to engage in providing information objectively. “Engagement is the source of our aspiration”