Human Rights is fundamentally recognised as a foundation of all members of the human family. United Nations instruments recognise the inherent dignity and inalienable rights of all people based on freedom from oppression, justice and peace. By virtue of these rights, Caprivians also have the same fundamental right to self-determination, freedom and right to independence where we can freely determine our own political status in pursuance of our economic, social and cultural rights. We don’t ask for our rights but we demand for them as a people. Precisely, we understand human rights exactly as it is provided in the UN convention on the Rights of all people that consider Human Rights as a fundamental basic freedom with the belief that all human beings have these inalienable rights. The Namibian government is well expected to have a superior understanding of the principle of human rights therefore, the authority was supposed to be the custodian and master of human rights than perpetrators.

The CCC wish to consult and lead a debate on a number of issues related to human rights, why is the Caprivi Strip and its people are neglected in all spheres of life, why are other Caprivians in exile today?, why are other Caprivians in prison?, what was the reason for annexing the Caprivi Strip recently in 1999 and lastly, what was so special with changing the name that bear our history without any consultations? Discussing the questions purposefully will ignite the interest to know more about Caprivi Strip and why human rights violation are perpetrated on Caprivians and no solution found on such violations. 

It should be noted that Caprivians suffered and endured human rights abuses. The Namibian government went unquestioned over the tortures of many Caprivians, executions, killing and forced disappearances. In 1999 the Namibian government brutally tortured many Caprivians among others for example of Honourable Geoffrey K. Mwilima, former Police Officer late Mr Oscar Lupalezwi and atrocious murder of comrades Mr Chainda and Mr Tungulu. We have a good understanding and knowledge of the fact that every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life. Furthermore, no one has the rights to kill in any circumstances. The atrocities were committed despite the provision in the Namibian Constitution and UN International conventions that restricts and strongly prohibit torture in any shape or form. Though torturers and killers are well known, the government of Namibia is still resisting pressure from NamRights to prosecute the perpetrators of torture and killers of these people. These people have done nothing wrong to deserve what they have undergone. We demand remedy to all atrocities, wrong doing and reverse ill thought of annexation, border and name change and any other related issues perpetrated on Caprivians.

The Consultative Committee will endeavour to work hard to make sure justice is done over the matter.  We cannot understand why the international community can be blinded not to see what is happening in that part of the world without acting. Many Caprivians are languishing in prison for expressing their human rights and resist oppression and annexation. This is one of those that cannot be left to go unchallenged. We acknowledge that we need to do a lot more to help our colleagues to have justice saved on their behalf. There is absolutely no assumption about all these issues because other groups have been battling with the issue therefore, we also wish to join in through consultation with the people of the Caprivi to give us their opinions for better and a comprehensive way to take. The CCC believe that all Caprivian treason prisoners are prisoners of conscious and must be released.

The CCC have independently assessed the issue of human rights against the odds and found that it is an issue that require serious attention. It is from this background that there is the necessity to appeal to you all as Caprivians to join hands to work together on issues that concerns our fellow Caprivians. Lastly the CCC wish to recognise the work of NamRights and give credit to the person of Mr Phil ya Nangoloh for exposing the Namibian government for their human right atrocities and denial of Caprivians of their human rights.