The CCC believe in a purposeful consultation. Our consultations begins with individuals, organised groups, political parties and all Caprivians using all possible means. We want all Caprivians involved because the future of the Caprivi Strip is in people’s hands. The terms of our consultations will be based on the foundation of respect to the people that we will be consulting or communicate with. 

The Consultative Committee intend to create a vibrant platform for dialogue and consultation between the people of the Caprivi to some extent with human rights organisations. who are peace loving. In consultation with members and non members, we have an open door policy that will save as our priority guiding principle. In addition, confidentiality will be safe guarded to the people we consult with. We consider other people’s opinions, motivations, strengths and potential to make ultimate choices in taking decisions without external influence. “We need to move away from personalities and patronage to a system of mutual understanding, involvement and consultation with people we mean to save”. “We know you are there to be consulted”