The CCC is a committee that believes in the involvement of all interested members of the society. Realistically, decisions are derived from people them selves. We make decisions that are socially and people founded. We value your contributions because you are the custodian of our decision for policy formulation. People’s contributions are the basis for our decision making. The CCC consider their decision as strategic in nature though consultation. The decision of the committee is at the top most level of what the committee intends to do. The CCC understand that dealing with issues now, is preparing for the future. Our decisions are strategic in nature and based in the spirit of consultations and collaborations.

Our strategies are of administrative in nature that are routinely reflect on conscious to take a courageous decision. In making our decision we will consider the worthy of each contribution. The committee consider short, medium and long term strategic decisions. Strategic decision formulation of the CCC refers to the process of choosing the most appropriate course of action for the realisation of the committee goals, vision and objectives. The committee make better decisions for their members and members of the public to appreciate.

The aspect of the decision making including the development of alternatives identification of solutions and empowering people by ensuring that society retain ultimate control over the key decisions that affect their well-being. We value each and everyone  contributions as important because each and everyone view things differently. Your contributions are the basis and foundation for our decision making. In making decision, considering a range of issues before making any decision which is ultimately for the committee to understand and respond to hypothetical and rational questions as the base for reasonable judgments. "Your opinions are the sources of our strategic decisions”.