Pre-Colonial History

The history of the Caprivi has been the source of aspiration for its citizens. Our history is our pride as a people which is a once upon a time God gi...

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Caprivi Strip like any other African countries was part of the scramble for Africa. During colonial time, Caprivi Strip changed from one colonial admi...

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Caprivi Bantustan (Direct Administration from Pretoria, South Africa)

Before Bantustan Caprivi Strip was recovering from different administration first with British to German, then the British military rule, attached to ...

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Caprivi Strip Illegally under the Namibian Government

Since the independence of Namibia, Caprivi has been an appendix of Namibia because it was not part of it as a result, in 1999, Namibia annexed the Cap...

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Annexation, Border and Caprivi Strip Name change

Annexation, imprisonment, name change, border change, divide and rule is not the answer to the Caprivi solution. The Caprivi Strip citizens are ruled ...

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Current Situation and Political Events in the Caprivi Strip

The political situation in the Caprivi Strip is unbearable therefore a solution need a common ground to find a solution. The conflict between Caprivi ...

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The CCC believes in UNITY that is embracing all its diverse context and meanings. To our understanding, Unity refers to the state of being united together in the same feeling of oneness, togetherness, harmony, for common goal. In the CCC, we strongly believe that when there is unity, people are in agreement and act together for a particular purpose of being one in spirit. This is the co-operation or harmony for a common cause, unity as a common denominator. Unity pays in every sphere of human activities. It is a fact that unity is strength and without unity in consensus, the decision taken is always weakened.

Without doubts, in our operation we consider unity as desirable and something to strive for. We know that you can’t have unity without diversity. As a committee, we are highly motivated by the proverb “Unity can only come when there is better co-ordination and mutual understanding in the society, when there is friction of thoughts and clash of ideologies”. You can’t talk or call for unity by ignoring or disregarding to address the elements of unity that need to be addressed.

The CCC addressed itself asking the question, what does Unity in diversity mean? Unity in diversity means that we can live in communal harmony whilst also embracing each other’s differences. The CCC believe in unity of purpose and hate making mockery of unity because to us unity has been diluted by just saying or use it as a slogan. We aim to foster unity of purpose because we understand that in unity we can stand together until the end. We believe that unity is our only source of aspirations and strength.

In the CCC, we share our desire to be part of same political identity and common understanding of other peoples’ personal ideologies in relation to unity of purpose where all Caprivian desire to live together in harmony with each other. It is this political collectivism in unity that will make us understand each other as brothers and sisters which is true in the sense of it. In the extremely complex political situation like this, we need to be resilient and focus on unity of purpose. The country and people require absolute unit to shape our destiny and identity. When people live together they shape their lives as a community guided by unity of purpose. The CCC encourage all Caprivians to participate in the political realisation of our basic human rights and freedom. This is the basic moderate base in shaping the nation’s destiny boiling down to the essence and realisation of being together as Caprivians without questioning why God made us to be brothers and sisters.

The ideal issue remains the national traits and common interests is unity that constitute the basis of national understanding of the territory in its broadest context. All we know is that the Caprivian community is mainly founded on common cultural, historical and political lineage, with the same language, culture, ethnicity and religion being the predominant factors. With Rowling’s words, We say to you all, once again “we are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided”. We require each other‘s hand in unity in order to prosper.



Caprivi today

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