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The Consultative Committee - Management

This committee by definition is a committee formed for a specific task, subject, purpose and objectives. Like any other committee, the Caprivi Consultative Committee was never meant to be permanent but as mentioned to complete its objective. A number of people were tasked to manage the business of the committee as volunteers for the love of our people and the Caprivi Strip our motherland notwithstanding to share information about political challenges we are experiencing as a society in the Caprivi Strip. The committee portfolio holders were allocated for administrative purposes of driving its agenda. The business of the committee in terms of meetings, consultations and engagements purported to have portfolios. The committee determined the number of portfolio holders to the reasons as demanded. The work of the committee is ongoing in a framework and theory of a working committee with the view to finalise the process of its objectives. The committee was formed and working on the basis that nothing was agreed upon and until everything will be agreed upon. The committee is open to all Caprivians meaning “all Caprivians.”