Annexation, Border and Caprivi Strip Name change

Annexation, imprisonment, name change, border change, divide and rule is not the answer to the Caprivi solution. The Caprivi Strip citizens are ruled with iron fist by Namibia. Namibia talks about democracy but in practice there is absolutely doing the opposite.  Caprivians were never consulted on issues that directly affect them since independence. We deserve to be respected as a people with human rights. Namibia should know that we are following closely the events as they unfold. The issues of annexation border and name change are crucial issues that required a plebiscite or referendum. Caprivians were supposed to made their own decision over the case.

2004 - Caprivians in the Caprivi treason trial received Legal Aid from the government to pay for legal lawyers to represent them.

2004 - The group sought extradition by the Namibian government in Botswana won their extradition to returned to Namibia. They were all transferred to Francistown detention center. Following their release in 2007.

2008 - NamRights called for the government of Namibia to prosecute all police officers who were involved in torturing Caprivian who were arrested and tortured.  

2009 - Call for the release of all Caprivi treason suspects – on the bases of delay and failure – calling it justice delayed is justice denied.

2010 -The government of Namibia – compensated a number of the Caprivian treason inmates who were tortured.

2010 - Decentralisation – Caprivi region departments centralised to Rundu - Kavango region. This included the ministry of Health and Social Services. Katima Mulilo hospital was downgraded to a health facility.

2010 - The formation of the CAPRIVI CONCERNED GROUP (CCG) – Lutambo Lennox Lutambo (Chairperson), Edwin Manja Samati (Secretary General) and many other members – the group is fighting for the release of the Caprivi treason trial prisoners and continued to call the Namibian government to consider a referendum on the impasse on the Caprivi Strip case. The Namibian government refused to accept dialogue with the UDP leadership. 

2013 - Legal status of the Caprivi – PETITION – CAPRIVI STRIP - A SACRED TRUST OF CIVILIZATION BETRAYED OR FORGOTTEN UN DECOLONIZATION OBLIGATION? – By Mr Phil ya Nangoloh – Windhoek Namibia – 10 December 2013.

2013 - 36 Caprivians charged with treason in the Caprivi marathon treason trial – were found not gilt of any of the charges they were charged for 14 years and they were released.

2013 - Delimitation Commission instituted by the Namibian government to re-demarcate the region – and resulted in the border and Caprivi name change from Caprivi Strip to Zambezi–This was followed by resistance from individuals and Demonstration organised by CCG. Renaming the Caprivi Strip to Zambezi was based on the political rhetoric of  the Namibian government in an attempt to controversially freeze, dilute and or Watertown the history of the Caprivi from Namibia's maps.

2013 - Mr Late Robert Sililo in his Capacity as CANU Secretary General stated that the Motivation for the Namibian Government on the name change was merely motivated by the desire to dilute the Caprivian identity and history.

2013 - The group of Academic that called itself “Concerned Caprivians” also released a statement emphasising that, "the name change from Caprivi to Zambezi is destined to destroy our  identity as Caprivians and our history as a symbol of renaissance, the dilution of political foundations in the identity of CANU party. Many Caprivian individually and collectively vehemently opposed the name change.

2014 - No vote campaign by the CCG – that ended up into intimidations, harassments, torture and humiliation.

2015 - The second group of 46 Caprivi treason trial prisoners were released without charges. Other members of the same group were sentenced to the maximum of 18 years making it 32 years in prison.

2015 - Dukwe refugee Camp – Come and see go and tell – organised by UNHCR, Botswana and the Namibian governments – resulted into the refugee being rescued – threatening them with arrests.