Caprivi Strip Illegally under the Namibian Government

Since the independence of Namibia, Caprivi has been an appendix of Namibia because it was not part of it as a result, in 1999, Namibia annexed the Caprivi to repeal the law that restricted the laws of South Africa or German South West Africa – Now Namibia to apply to the Caprivi Strip.  Name change and border change are questionable decisions that the Namibia government took without consulting the people of the Caprivi.

1990 - Namibia independence - 21st March 1990

1992 - Formation of the Caprivi Liberation Army (CLA).

1993 - DEMONSTRATION - over dodge and unfair education transfer and position – a commission of enquiry was instituted but the result was never made public to date.

1993 - The two chiefs in the Caprivi Strip then, Chief B.B.B. Mamili and Chief J. Muraliswani signed – KATIMA MULILO RECONCILIATION DECLARATION – with Mr Gabriel Siseho apologized to all Caprivians.

1998 - 27th October 1998 - CAPRIVI LIBERATION ARMY (CLA) crossed into Botswana.

1998 - 29th October Mr Mishake Muyongo and chief Boniface Bebi Buimo Mamili crossed into Botswana

1999 - UDP members officially withdraw UDP from the DTA of Namibia.

1999 - UDP leaders were granted political asylum in Botswana.

1999 - Mr Muyongo and chief BB. Mamili were resettled in Denmark. 

1999 - 24th June 1999 - Namibia annexed the Caprivi - appealing the section 38 (5) of Act 38 of 1951-as mentioned earlier on. The Act made reference that “No Act of parliament and no ordinance of the Assembly passed on or after the first day of November, 1951 shall not apply in the Eastern Caprivi Zipfel unless it is expressly declared so to apply”. The promulgation extended the laws of former South West Africa - now Namibia to apply to the Caprivi Strip, without consent of the people of the Caprivi.

1999 - 2rd August 1999 - CLA attached the Namibian Security forces and camps in the Caprivi. Arrests started in earnest. Government security forces started arresting, torturing and killing civilians an armed. The arrested people were taken to Grootfontein maximum prison. And court case started and the accused people were   charged with 275 charges that included; treason, sedition, murder and many other charges.