Pre-Colonial History

The history of the Caprivi has been the source of aspiration for its citizens. Our history is our pride as a people which is a once upon a time God given gift to our ancestors. We know our roots, where we came from, what we went through to our current political history. The history of the Caprivi Strip no matter how people used to call it within their jurisdictional areas, precisely, it dates back from pre-colonial linking it to that of Barotseland. The Caprivi Strip was not distinctive from before the scramble.

1600 – Caprivi was not distinctive from Bulozi/ Barotseland. At that time the Zambezi River was  not used as a boundary. Caprivi Strip and its people were not distinctive from the Lozi people. At that time, the Zambezi River was not used as a boundary between the people of the same family.

1725 – Lozi kingdom /Empire - was under the all-time known King – Ngombala. During that time the majority of people who call themselves Caprivians today their descendants were living in Bulozi but gradually moved across the Zambezi River as the Bulozi population was growing. War was another factor that necessitated the migration to the territory.

1725 – Bulozi under King under - Ngombala

1884 - The first Lozi Kingdom / empire – under - Mboo Muyunda

1823 – 1851 - The Kololo Kingdom (1823 – 1851) – under Sibitwane

1884 – 1890 - The Second Lozi kingdom /Empire - Sipopa

During the mid-1800s, the Lozi Kingdom was invaded by the Kololo. Sebetwane, the Kololo was able to bring the southern Lozi Kingdom under their control, with the Lozi leadership fleeing north. However, the Kololo Kingdom did not last long. In 1864, the Lozi aristocracy in the north was able to overthrow the Kololo and regain power.