The Caprivi Consultative Committee [CCC] was founded for good reasons and intentions. The committee is highly motivated to consult with all Caprivians on issues related to history of the territory, legal and social matters affecting the citizens of the Caprivi. The CCC believe in consultation, unity, participation and collaboration in discussing social issues in a mutual  and an amicable agreed process.

Our context, modus of operandi and doing things is different makes us who we are and unique. It is significant to note and know that we are, since we are not a political party. The CCC affirm to work up to the time when members decide otherwise according to their will and aspirations. The CCC is locked in as a social consultative committee but placed between the rock and the hard place in looking at how politics is being played and vow to listen and make consultation before taking an action.

After assessing our social relationship we felt we are obliged to consult with all the people of Caprivi for the purpose of unity. We are autonomous of any political ideology, economic interest or religion. As The CCC members, we value our members and their contribution to the committee. The Committee accepts members from all corners of the Caprivi Strip.

The purpose of the CCC is mainly to consult with the wider Caprivi communities in collaboration with all committee members and according to our mission and values. Our pursuit of the basic demands of the freedom enshrined in International Charters is paramount to all of us. We in the CCC encourage all interested Caprivians to participate on issue that matters for our lives to fight against oppression, annexation, incineration and all forms of discrimination. The Consultative Committee attaches great importance to social issues related to the committee and the people of the Caprivi focusing among others, and in more depth, on the strategy behind our aims and objectives.

The CCC draw its aspirations from other organisations, political parties and make the best out of it with the spirit of appreciating other people’s contributions. As we use the open-door policy, we will also associate with individuals, organisations, movements, groups and associations in our endeavours to demand for our plights and human rights.